The National Museum in Prague will engage in the rescue and restoration of archaeological and historical artifacts in Syria. The war brings along the suffering of people and the destruction of rare monuments, which are among the treasures of world history. The museum will help with the restoration of monuments and provide Syrian colleagues with training for the conservation of historical objects.

The Declaration on Collaboration in Prague was signed by the General Director of the National Museum Michal Lukeš and the Director General of the Monuments and Museums of the Syrian Arab Republic Mamun Abdal Karim.

The assistance is part of the development and humanitarian assistance in Syria, which the Czech government approved last year. It covers a number of areas – from humanitarian aid to supplies of medical supplies to the preservation of UNESCO sites and the world’s cultural heritage, which is being destroyed not only by warfare but also under ideological motivations.

The museum has been involved in the program in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.

“In the first phase, we decided to support Syrian monument care by preserving, restoring and depositing archaeological artifacts, helping preserve and restore historical objects in our restoration workshops, and provide training to Syrian experts in the areas of restoration and digitization of cultural heritage,” he said Lukeš.

Sights in Syria are part of the world’s cultural heritage and it is in the interest of the civilized world to help with their rescue. “Otherwise, mankind will lose a significant part of its history,” he added. Already during his visit to Syria last fall, he found out how the National Museum could help with the rescue of archeological and historical artifacts.

In Prague, a photographic exhibition of destroyed monuments in Syria will take place in October.