Prague is addressing the lack of day centers for the homeless by the acquisition of a new boat. The new mobile day center can host up to 50 people and will provide services similar to the shelters in U Bulhara and Tusarova. The newest facility will help alleviate the demand for existing shelters.

“The desperate lack of low-capacity day centers is complicating the intense work and help we are already providing for the ones without a shelter. It lowers the efficiency of the entire system in helping these people return to the society. By adding the new shelter we can alleviate the demand in the centers not only in the city but also in Prague’s outskirts,” says Daniel Hodek, Councilor for Social Services.

The new mobile day center will be placed under Štefánik Bridge, next to boat Hermes. The connection to Hermes’ will also allow an easier technical link-up.

“Another boat seems to be the ideal solution thanks to its good positioning, which is a walking distance to the city center. There is public transport near by and no disturbance to other organizations will be caused. The mobility of the facility will allow the boat to easily move to a different location if necessary,” specified Hodek.

Currently, there are six registered low-threshold day centers. However, only two of them are actively functioning. One is U Bulhara center, operated by the non-profit organization Naděje. The other one is in Tusarova street, operated by the Salvation Army.

“Our goal is to establish low capacity facilities in most districts so that people will no longer have to move to Prague to seek these services,” says councilor Hodek.

The new boat was originally used for transportation of cargo and goods. The cost for its reconstruction is said to reach an estimated 22 million CZK. Other investments are presumed to be for reconstructions of the berth and the river bank.