A new library will replace office space in Prague 4. Servicing both children and adults, the modern library will be designed to create a central, communal space for Prague 4 residents. The city plans for the library to be ready within the next two years, after renovating the building.

“It has been a long time for me to have a terrible dilapidation of such a beautiful house in the center of Prague. So I tried to find a solution to bring the object back to life. The establishment of a city library branch seemed to me to be an ideal solution,” said Lukáš Zicha, deputy mayor of Prague 4.

The library will be named “Jeserka,” and will be located at 94 Nuselská street. The former office space previously housed banking services. One of the driving goals of the library is to enrich the community, making the adoption of the space incidentally symbolic.

The budget has not been set yet, but Zicha has called for 37 million CZK for the project. To finance the project, adjustments to the Prague 4 budget will have to be made. The library will be a branch of Municipal Library of Prague.

In the hectic rush that is today’s information age, the value of the library seems to be fading. However, libraries offer an important service, a center for the community. This priceless service is what the Municipal Library of Prague wants to revitalize. The Jeserka library will offer much more than the classic book-lending service that we generally associate with libraries. Hoping to provide its citizens with an enjoyable place to spend their free time, the library will offer frequent communal events.

In addition to offering events, the libraries design will accommodate a diverse set of needs, encouraging productivity and creativity.

“The library will offer a small multifunctional event and group workroom, a quiet corner of the book, a space for gaming and creative recreation, and a room for the smallest reader, including the necessary equipment for their parents,” says the City Library Director Prague Tomáš Řehák.

Additional services offered by Prague municipal libraries include music, film, picture, magazine, and map lending, as well as limited printing and copying.