The administration of Prague 3 district, since the half of the last year, has actively insisted upon the presence of the new new metro line in their area.

According to an effective study plan of the Institute for planning and development of Prague, Zižkov does not need a new metropolitan line, since the area does not serve a lot of population, and it’s already well connected.

The Institute has considered four options for how and where the new metro line will be constructed:

1) From Namesti Miru to the last station on Zižkov line;

2) From Naměsti Miru to the final station Naměsti Republiky;

3) From Naměsti Miru to Naměsti Republiky and terminal station in Zižkov;

4) From Naměsti Miru to Naměsti Republiky and then to Zižkov and Karlin.

Administration has decided to develop more in a new southern area of Prague.


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