The authorities want to build a new branch of the Prague subway as soon as possible, so they are now considering the constructing only the first and last station on a huge plot.

The two stations will be 8 km away from each other. The metro would begin at Pankrác, near the city center, and end at eight kilometers away in Písnice in the southern edge of the city. On the one hand, it will enable the citizens at the end station to get to the center quickly, but on the other – the locals will not be able to enter anywhere along the line, simply because there are no other stations.

Magistrates are considering this option as the council is still unable to obtain all of the land, which must be used to build the stations on the new ‘blue’ line. Problems have arisen because an individual owns large areas of the land near the railway station and hospital in the Krč district. They plan to build several buildings, but can not do so because of the construction of the metro line D.

According to preliminary estimates, the metro line D will open no earlier than 2026. Due to the delays by the authorities in Prague will lose the opportunity to receive subsidies from the European fund of 5 billion CZK. Member of the City Council Transport, Peter Dolinek, said that he is sure that this proposal is the best to date. He said: “We have already prepared the materials and sent to the appropriate documents. If it is approved, then Praguers will be able to temporarily use only two stations.”

Mayor of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová, said: “We must as soon as possible and join the outskirts of the city to the center.”