On Tuesday, 20th of September three new types of river ferries were presented at the Prague embankment Výtoň. The comfort on boats has increased: they also have a higher level of safety and barrier-free: their construction is able to transfer cyclists, as well as children and people with wheelchairs.

Boats, each of which is able to accommodate 12 people, were named Břehule, Břehouš and Ledňáček. They are designed by Zdeněk Bergman, owner Pražské Benátky company, which carries most of the river passenger transport in Prague.

New boats have already begun to serve the routes P1 (Sedlec – Zámky), P5 (Císařská louka – Výtoň – Náplavka Smíchova) and P6 (Nádraží Modřany – Lahovičky).