The National Museum of Agriculture on Letná underwent major reconstruction in the past decade. Instead of offices, visitors are now able to enjoy a panoramic view of Prague on the new rooftop terrace.

“The National Museum of Agriculture has a very gloomy history. Even though it has the same origin as the National Technical Museum, it has not been serving as a museum for an equally long time,” says Jiří Houdek, director of the museum.

“Both buildings were designed by the famous architect Babuška during the First Republic,” the director adds. The decade-long reconstruction, which cost the city 140 million CZK, has finally come to an end.

Besides three new exhibitions, the museum’s newest addition awaits visitors after conquering the spiral staircase on the fourth floor. The museum building’s rooftop has become a terrace with a unique view of a large part of the city. Visitors will get a nice view of Žižkov, Petřín and the Prague Castle. The rooftop will serve as a nice picnic location in the summer months.

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