On the outskirts of Janské Lázně in the Giant Mountains, a new walkway and breathtaking viewpoint have been built.

The walkway is 45 meters high and you can walk 1511 meters along the way. Options to reach the path include cable car, bus, bike or hike.

The whole trail begins underground, five meters below the surface, between the roots of the trees. You’ll see how complicated and extensive the system of root paths trees form, how they work together and see the small animals inhabiting the Giant Mountains. The underground center is unique and the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.

schermata-2017-06-22-alle-18-12-49 treetop

An underground tour follows a climb to the top. During the trail, you’ll find 40 information panels to teach you about the attractions and nature surrounding the Giant Mountains. Binoculars are also available to visitors to look around.

Tired from the walk up? Then comes the real icing on the cake: the operators have prepared a dry fifty-meter long water slide that lets you ride the entire trail down.

The construction of the barrier-free path cost 170 million crowns, with operators expecting roughly 200,000 visitors per year. The operator built the structure in cooperation with the Administration of the Krkonoše National Park.

The multifunctional tower opens on July 2. Entrance fee for adults is 220 crowns, and for children aged three to fourteen, or the elderly the price is 180 crowns.


Photos: Stezka korunami stromů Lipno