Beginning in October more buses will be routed to Prague, strengthening the nightly tram connections.

In addition, several lines will be extended to the outskirts of the city. Passengers will be able to go to Predni Kopanina, Nebušice, or Lipenice. According to Ropid, night tram transport is insufficient in terms of capacity, so it’ll add buses on the night of 8th to 9th of October. “The main reason is the overloading of existing tram lines in the center of Prague, which, unfortunately, cannot be strengthened because of the limited capacity of the Lazarská interchange,” said Prague Integrated Transport spokesperson Filip Drápal.

Ropid had initially considered strengthening tram connections by deploying daily lines or reunifying the night line interval to 30 minutes on lines 91, 94, 97, 98, and 99. Ropid reinforces lines 907, 908, 909 in the most crowded directions from the center to Žižkov, Smíchov and Dejvice.

In Prague, six-night buses will go through the Letenský tunnel. Ten new buses will be deployed. In addition, the route of some night lines extends to the outskirts of Prague. There are so long routes from one end of town to another. “We also want to relieve the center by the night line number 913, the first one on the perimeter of the city, more or less along the route of today’s popular day line backbone 136 with an extension at both ends,” added Drapal. A detail of the changes is available at

Photo: Tomáš Hájek, MAFRA