Starting on Saturday the Segway ban came into effect, and over the weekend the police found 16 people breaking the rules. Since then no one else has been caught. The application of fines seems to be more of a threat than a requirement, with just seven Segway users facing fines.

The maximum fine is 2,000 crowns each but altogether these seven paid a total of 900 crowns, according to Jan Čihak, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police.

City police were out early on Saturday to enforce the ban for driving on the rover in the prohibited area officers. Installation of the signs ended on Friday months after the ban was passed in parliament.

Without the relevant prohibitions signs, the ban was not official. More than 600 signs are now in place across the city.

The ban covers the areas of Prague Historical Reserve, the whole of Prague 1, part of Prague 2, Žižkov, Prague 4 and Smíchov area Liben, Letná district.