Nowadays, during times of consumption, fast production, and constant rush, a new spot has appeared in Prague. A place where time seems to stop at a point around 80 years ago. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with style and enjoy the peace.

Oprášeno is a showroom cafe full of unique pieces of furniture from the 20s and 30s. The place is covered in a truly unique atmosphere as if you came to visit friends in the First Republic’s guest room just a hundred years ago. With a smile welcomes you Bohunka and Veronika, founders of the café. You are immediately offered a cup of coffee. Do not expect a menu because you are a guest.

Bohunka always loved antiques and Veronika always dreamt of a cafe and they created Oprášeno. “We’re used to antiques from the living room of our grandmothers, but we want to encourage people to put into their modern house a solitaire,” comments Bohunka.

Each piece placed in the cafeteria passed strict selection process of the two ladies. All pieces are available to purchase and the owners will be able to tell you the story of each piece.

Both agree that with the end of the First World War, mankind was born again and people started to live again. Many styles were created and playfulness woke up. That time was special for its refinement and craftsmanship, here in Oprášeno you can experience these values again.

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