Czech companies sold roughly CZK 3.73 billion in 2015, including exports. This figure marks a 17% increase from the year before. Domestic consumption of organic foods increased by 11%, totaling to CZK 2.25 billion.

This is a significant growth in sales, and is the highest spurt since 2008, according to the State Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information. This growth is relevant due to stagnation from 2008-2011, according to IFOAM EU. In 2015, 11.3% of agricultural land was organic, compared to an EU average of only 6.2%, according to IFOAM EU. You can explore their interactive map of organic production and retail markets here.

IFOAM EU interactive infographic
IFOAM EU interactive infographic

The majority of organic food produced in the Czech Republic is sold domestically, but exports are also increasing. Total exports made up 1.48 billion CZK. Germany and Austria are the biggest markets for Czech organics. In 2015 there were 542 registered organic food manufacturers, which was a 7.1% increase from the year before.

Milk and dairy sales are the highest shares of organic sales, making up 19.6% of the market. Baby food and fruits and vegetables come in second and third place.

Despite the recent growth, consumption of organic foods is still low, at only 0.81%, meaning an average spending of only 213 CZK per year.