“(21 Sep 2016) For many of the millions of tourists who flood the Czech capital every year, taking a photo in front of the Dancing House has become as important as walking across the medieval Charles Bridge.
The unusual building that resembles a pair of dancers is a rare example of contemporary architecture in Prague.
The city abounds with picturesque historical buildings, churches and monuments.
Originally designed as an office building, access for visitors had been limited.
Now, part of it has been turned into a hotel, offering visitors the chance to stay in rooms affording magnificent views over the city.
The building, also known as ‘Ginger and Fred’ after famed dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, is located on the bank of the Vltava river in Prague, next to the building where late President Vaclav Havel lived most of his life.
The Dancing House was built on a plot of land that earlier housed a 19th-century neo-Renaissance building that was destroyed in a World War II air raid.
Hotel investor and former international soccer star, Vladimir Smicer, was the the first person to test the new facility.
He said he thinks the hotel will be “an incredible experience” for those who stay.”