Some might think that a passage is a dead place, a quick route from point A to point B. We do not stop and do not look back.

The idea to bring life to a passage became real in the Passage of Czech design (Pasáž českého designu), that connects public space with Czech design and art. It is a corridor that displays art pieces and shopping windows with local Czech brands.

Architect Ing. arch. MgA. Ondřej Kamenický in collaboration with designer Bc. Kamila Hrubý Vodchodská came up with the idea.

“In a passage people usually do not stop, I wanted to change the mentality of the people and give them the opportunity to stop and rest,” said Ondřej. He imagined the passage as a river where people float back and forth, therefore he designed benches in the shape of boats.


Passage of Czech design has two areas of impact. It aims to introduce young designers to the public and let their work provoke interaction. At the same time, it educates the general public by giving them the opportunity to meet good quality design.

Moreover, at the time of commercial banners, posters and online advertising all around us we act with real showcase products of Czech brands soothing feeling and makes you slow down for a moment.

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