The colorful banknotes of the Czech Republic feature the faces of renowned Czech figures who are known for their contributions to the Czech culture and identity.


100 Kč – Charles IV


Charles IV, was the king of Bohemia from 1346 to 1378. He is widely regarded as the father of the country and his reign is remembered as the Golden Age of Bohemia.


200 Kč – John Amos Comenius 


John Amos Comenius was a Czech philosopher and teacher and is widely considered the father of modern education. His birthday, March 28, is celebrated as Teacher’s day in the Czech Republic.


500 Kč – Božena Němcová


Božena Němcová was a Czech writer of the Czech National Revival movement. Her most famous work Babička (English: The Grandmother) explores life in a rural Bohemian village and is considered a classic of Czech literature.


1000 Kč – František Palacký


František Palacký was a Czech historian known for his historical works and his political activism. He is considered one of the fathers of the nation along with Charles IV and Tomáš Masaryk.


2000 Kč – Emmy Destinn


Emmy Destinn was an opera singer born in Prague in the 19th century. She was internationally known for her beautiful voice and became a very successful singer.


5000 Kč – Tomáš Masaryk


Tomáš Masaryk was the founder and first president of Czechoslovakia. During World War I he helped to establish the Czechoslovak Legion, a volunteer armed forces which fought against the Austrians. He is considered a symbol of democracy to this day.