Walking through the streets of Prague, more and more often, we can find some amazing art spaces and galleries.

Recently, I have discovered Dark matter gallery, an art space with great energy, in Žižkov neighborhood, very close to the TV tower. When I entered the gallery there was an art happening – interactive exhibition – done by Phoebe Chen, a young artist based in Taiwan, who came to Prague to exhibit her work and make this performance.

Dark matter gallery is an emerging artists gallery and they showcase and sell works by both, local and international artists. “PHOERADISE” by Pheobe Chen was their third show.


“Phoeradise” is a collection of illustrations inspired by her day to day life from simple interactions with friends to whimsical daydreams she sometimes has. Though her work is characterized by playful and almost childlike nature, she is not afraid tackle some “mature” subjects. Exploring themes of sexuality, she manages to bring discussions around the subject without all the awkwardness.

Her live drawing performances were happening two days, and she was doing large format illustrations on the walls of the gallery.


Dark matter gallery has an intention to make more interactive shows, so for all of you who are interested in this type of art happenings, you can check their Facebook page and attend some of the next events.

Young visual artist, inspired by people and extraordinary things in everyday life.