Our Pictures From Yesterday Latin Food Festival

Any given Sunday morning, walking along the river bank a pleasant mixture of odors come to me, so I decide to follow my instinct until getting to Střelecký Ostrov, an island in the middle of Vltava River. I discover the Latin Food Festival: one of the more important gastronomic festivals that Prague offers during this season.

A mix of flavors, cultures and fragrances mainly “latinos” made us travel and taste, with salsa and bachata rhythm, typical dishes as quesadillas, paella, shellfish, empanadas… and go with (or take it with) a good wine, mojito or caipirinha.

After this foodie Sunday, I can’t wait to visit the next street food festival in Prague. Which is next?

A tasty summary.
Empanada Argentina


The most typical drinks
La carne!