It looks like a scene from a movie, but it’s real! On Tuesday, Czech pilot Pavel Březina flew his plane to Prague and parked it next to a taxi in Wenceslas Square and went for coffee.

His journey started in Přerov, where he flew to the airport in Letňany, then he drove it on the road to the centre of the city. The plane, called an Autovírník, is a new invention. “The Autovírník is a small rotor airplane that our company is able to newly construct. It is similar to a helicopter and mostly you see it in the air, but you can also use it on the road, especially in the case when you need to refuel it,” says Březina.

The Autovírník flies using kerosene, and Natural 95. Pavel says, when you need to refuel you can “Just attach the license plate and fix the propeller. You must carry, of course, all the documents, proving you know how to control the car, as well as for piloting.”

His journey to Wenceslas Square went smoothly. “We used the backstreets, to not obstruct traffic, as the maximum speed of the Autovírníku is 40 kilometers per hour. The Autovírník tank can hold 75 liters and this allows it to fly in the air for four hours at a speed of about 185 kilometers per hour.”




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