The American fast food network Pizza Hut will return the Czech Republic. The chain has confirmed they will open a new location in the Palladium shopping center by the end of the year.

Pizza Hut closed their branches in Celetná and Florenc in 2004, which had been operating since the 1990s. Now, 13 years on the Czech network is being reintroduced to the restaurant chain by the Polish restaurant operator AmRest.

In the Palladium center, the new Pizza Hut restaurant will replace the previous Express Sandwich Restaurant. “Building works are underway, but detailed statements about the concept are still too early. As soon as possible, we will provide more details and information about our communication strategy and marketing plan,” said Magdalena Dobruská from PR agency Bokem.

Information on Yum! Brands (the Pizza Hut subsidiary) and the expansion of the Pizza Hut network in Central and Eastern Europe – including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia were published by AmRest last year in June. In the next five years, 300 branch offices of the network should be opened in the region.