The recent release of Pokemon GO is already making the world go crazy. And it doesn’t look like the rush is gonna fade away soon. During the last weekend after the launch, the iOS app became the top downloaded on AppStore and appeared in the top 10 games for Android.

The game, that was released last week by the collaboration of Nintendo and Niantic Labs, is based on the AR (Augmented Reality) and involves usage of GPS and camera. The player is able to train Pokemons and be involved in various activities including battles. The most exciting part is to search for the monsters on the real-life locations and feel the vibration of your phone when you’re getting closer to one of them.

Due to the technical limitations, for now, the app is only available in The US, Australasia and New Zealand. However, the European release is soon to come. And it is a good reason to join a mass Pokemon search in v Riegerový Sady on the 14th of August.