In Prague city center you can find a hidden gastronomic treasure, a French restaurant, has been placed in the Michelin Guide twice, in its three years of existence.

The concept is simple, a small friendly restaurant based on high standards and close customer relationship with the chef. Quality surpasses quantity.

Owner and chef Jan Kracík uses an individual approach to put every customer first. The core base is a good team of cooks and a chef. Gastronomy is a combination of psychology and alchemy because good cook must guess each customer’s taste.

The menu varies according to what is in stock. “Sometimes it happens that some ingredients run out and we are waiting for new ones, but customers respect that says the chef. The way we run the restaurant is simply natural, we do not freeze the best ingredients to have them always available, but they are used when they are available.

For Jan is especially important to know the origin of food, to be able to prepare the food and to pair it with adequate wines.

Design, food, wine and service complement each other perfectly. The overall atmosphere in the Pot Au Feu shows mutual respect between members of the restaurant and customers. People want to return because they know that they will get the best possible service. It is as if you went to visit friends who take care of you at the highest level.

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