In February this year, the district of Prague 6 participated in Smart City, which aims to use digital, information and communication technology to improve the quality of life in cities. As part of this initiative, in the middle of June, Prague 6 received two smart benches through the ICT Operator.

The Smart City phenomenon has been on the rise for a long time, gaining popularity, and we as a city can not and do not want to stay behind,” said Zdeněk Hořánek, councilor for the Smart City area (YES 2011). “Prague 6 is an urban part with a rich history and a vital importance for life, so we want to offer our residents and visitors smart and modern public spaces,” he added.


As part of the half-year pilot project implemented by ICT Operator for Prague, a smart bench with a vertical garden was placed and christened on Pushkin Square. The ceremony was attended by councilors for the SMART CITY area Zdeněk Hořánek, Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová (ANO 2011) and Director of the Smart City section of ICT Operator Vladimir Zadin.

The bench has solar panels that allow you to charge mobiles or tablets via a USB connection, free Wi-Fi and a small weather station. Part of the first bench is a vertical garden, which is not only visually pleasant but also serves as a dust fly trap, which is created primarily by car traffic and reduces the noise in the surrounding area.

Smart City hope to work on other projects in the Prague 6 area in the future.