Global design and consultancy firm Arcadis released a report on the most sustainable cities in the world, in order of wealth and economic sustainability.

The main indicators considered are:

  • Transport infrastructure (rail, air and tra†c congestion)
  • Ease of doing business
  • Tourism
  • GDP per capita
  • The city’s importance in global economic networks
  • Connectivity in terms of mobile and broadband access
  • Employment rates

Naturally, cities that are considered major global financial centres ranked highly, as they tend to be most prosperous and have a highly-developed living infrastructure.

The top 10: 

  • Stockholm, Sweden — Not only is the city the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden, Arcadis says it is one of the leading cities for environmental sustainability.

  • Paris, France — Paris is renowned for an enviable work-life balance despite being an economic powerhouse for the country.

  • New York, US — Arcadis says “New York’s dynamic culture and environment continues to attract and sustain millions of residents, while serving as an international hub for commerce and politics.”

  • 7. Prague, Czech Republic —Prague’s GDP per capita is more than double that of the entire country. It is also one of the richest regions in the EU.

  •  6. Edinburgh, UK — The Scottish city has one of Europe’s most prestigious universities and also acts as one of Britain’s key financial centres, housing the Royal Bank of Scotland’s headquarters.

  •  5. Zurich, Switzerland — Arcadis says the Swiss city “has a strong reputation as a liveable, contemporary city known for its strong focus on environmentalism as well as world-renowned financial institutions.”

  • 4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates — The incredibly wealthy city is a financial hub for the UAE but Arcadis says that “Dubai scores lowest in the planet sub-index largely due to energy consumption, pollution and the lack of available green space.”

  •  3. London, UK — The economic powerhouse keeps Britain’s capital near the top of the charts but Arcadis says that the Mayor of London has to “persuade global businesses that London’s infrastructure priorities have not changed” post-Brexit vote.

  • 2. Hong Kong — Arcadis notes that Hong Kong has “world-class infrastructure, vibrant economy, and a well-educated talent pool,” which makes it an amazing place to do business at ease.

  •  1. Singapore — The island nation is the wealthiest city in the world but Arcadis warns that it “also faces an aging population and a need for greater investment in social infrastructure.”