After several months of reconstruction works at Prague Airport has been completed the first update of the Terminal 1, which is used for flights outside the Schengen Area

Passengers who arrive in the Terminal 1 will find a new information center, a new and modern interior design, the image of the capital and other areas of the Czech Republic as well as several large touch screens, where they can find all the necessary information themselves.


“We work continuously and strive to improve service for our passengers. We do everything to make them feel comfortable at the airport. Now everything is renewed, and tourists no longer have to be confused or look for any stand, because everything is now located in one place” – said the representative of the airport.

In the Terminal 1 operates a large Visitor Center, where staff can answer to tourist’s questions. Some of them in the last days were pretty curious, such as: “How can I get to Vienna by metro?” or “Where can I find drugs in Prague?”.


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