The number of passengers passing through Václav Havel International Airport in Prague has for the first time exceeded 13 million, according to Český Aeroholding.

The volume of traffic in 2016 was 8.7% more than the previous year. About 90% of flights from Prague have a European destination. “The annual growth was determined by several factors, such as the use of larger aircraft, the opening of new connections or the increase in the frequency of flights than those already existing,” said the president of the Český Aeroholding Board, Václav Řehoř.

After eight years, Prague Airport has broke the previous record of 12.6 million handled passengers in 2008.   

The UK remains the first destination of the flights from Prague (1.71 million passengers) followed by Germany (1.16 million passengers) and Italy (1.04 million passengers).

The first 3 cities that flights from Prague go to are Paris (685 thousand passengers, +5,37 % than 2016), Moscow (662 thousand passengers, +14,14 than 2016) and Amsterdam (601 thousand passengers, +15,29 than 2016).