On May 15, Václav Havel Airport passed a new system for the safety of luggage when passengers fly from the Prague airport.

From today onwards, airport employees can randomly choose and open suitcases without the passenger present. Previously, security personnel only had the right to open a suitcase without the presence of the passenger based on the results of a staff check (X-ray scanner and other devices) if it suggested dangerous objects could be inside.

The purpose of the new system is to make sure that items and owner have not been in contact with explosives in recent days. This practice of checking explosives and luggage has been in place since 2015, with a preflight inspection of taking swabs with palms and hand luggage.

If randomly selected, the whole process will take place in a special room, where all the actions of employees will be recorded on a video camera and documented. The passenger would learn about the opening of their baggage on a special tape and attached documents after the search.

The airport also stated to passengers that if the luggage is fitted with a lock different from the international standard TSA, it will be opened by force. If it happens that as a result of damage to the lock a passenger can not close their suitcase, the airport will wrap it with a plastic wrap and adhesive tape.