This week Deutsche Bank released its annual “Mapping the world’s prices” report, cataloging the cost of goods and services in a cross section of the world’s biggest and most powerful cities around the world.

In 2017, for the first time, Deutsche Bank has included a ranking of the quality of life in 47 cities around the world. The ranking is based on eight sub-indexes compiled by crowd-sourced information database Numbeo, which create a broad picture of what it is like to live in different cities.

The indexes are: Purchasing Power, Safety, Health Care, Cost of Living, Property Price to Income Ratio, Traffic Commute Time, Pollution, and Climate.

Check it out below:

26. Oslo, Norway
25. Johannesburg, South Africa
24. Brussels, Belgium
23. Warsaw, Poland
22. Chicago, USA
21. Dublin, Ireland
20. Stockholm, Sweden

19. Prague, Czech Republic — Another European capital city to feature, Prague’s position in the overall ranking is boosted by a ninth place finish in the cost of living index. It was also 11th in the safety index.

18. San Francisco, USA
17. Cape Town, South Africa
15. Lisbon, Portugal
14. Toronto, Canada
13. Auckland, New Zealand
T11. Berlin, Germany
T11. Helsinki, Finland
10. Sydney, Australia
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. Boston, USA
7. Ottawa, Canada
6. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Melbourne, Australia
3. Vienna, Austria
2. Edinburgh, UK
1. Wellington, New Zealand

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