In the latest report published by European Commission, called “The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor”, Prague ranks 3rd among the top cultural cities in Europe.

The Czech capital takes the top position in two of four indicators in its population group (XXL), namely Museums and Concerts & shows, and the second position on Sights & landmarks and Theatres.

In the XXL Group (more than 1 million inhabitants) Paris claims first place by a clear margin, followed by Munich, Prague, Milan and Brussels. Paris leads in both the ‘Cultural Vibrancy’ and ‘Creative Economy’ sub-indices and comes second in ‘Enabling Environment’, with Munich coming second on ‘Creative Economy’. However, there is no one recipe for success: while Munich and Brussels score particularly well on ‘Creative Economy’, Prague and Milan are stronger on ‘Cultural Vibrancy’.

Prague ranked sixth in the TripAdvisor world list of best destinations in 2016. The city’s authorities are committed to promoting Prague as a cultural center, but also as a creative location. In 2014, the city became UNESCO Creative City of Literature due to its long and rich tradition in literature, its rich offering of (around 200) bookshops and important festivals celebrating literature.

The ‘Prague Creative Cluster’ project has recently been launched to convert abandoned buildings into centers for education, culture, and creativity.

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