A new ranking from TotallyMoney.com reveals which places have the most cultural attractions in the world.

The credit comparison site looked at 30 of the world’s most popular cities and used data from TripAdvisor and the Michelin Guide to find the number of theaters, concert halls, museums, art galleries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Michelin-starred restaurants in each one.

30. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

29. Chennai, India

28. Mumbai, India

27. Shanghai, China

26. Istanbul, Turkey

25. Hong Kong

24. Osaka, Japan

23. Taipei, Taiwan

22. Bangkok, Thailand

21. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

19. Seoul, South Korea

18. Singapore, Singapore

17. Tokyo, Japan

16. Munich, Germany

15. Los Angeles, CA

14. Toronto, Canada

13. Madrid, Spain

12. New York, NY

11. Berlin, Germany

10. London, UK

9. Vienna, Austria

8. Rome, Italy

7. Milan, Italy

6. Barcelona, Spain

5. Paris, France

4. Miami, FL

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Theaters: 129
Museums: 110
Art galleries: 201
World Heritage Sites: 1
Concert halls: 4
Michelin-starred restaurants: 3

2. Dublin, Ireland

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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