The popular travel website TripAdvisor has published the list of cities where there’s the largest number of pickpockets.


1- Barcelona

Unfortunately, the Catalonian capital also bears another, more dubious honour: Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the world. Most often, robberies occur on the main street – Las Ramblas.


2- Rome

The British Foreign Office calls pickpocketing in Rome “epidemic”. In the “Eternal City”, beware of Termini, the railway hub, the No. 64 bus, which shuttles back and forth to St. Peter’s Square, and the trains to and from Fiumicino, the international airport.


3 – Prague

Prague pickpockets are operating mainly in public transport, or on routes leading to the Prague Castle. Be aware on the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, on tram 22, and in busy stores. Many of them are skilled “professionals” and they prefer to work alone.

In the list we find also:
4. Madrid
5. Paris
6. Florence
7. Buenos Aires
8. Amsterdam
9. Athens
10. Hanoi