Praguers will soon be able to take a dip in a new public swimming pool in the center of the city. The city is planning on building several pools on the Vltava river.

The first one will be on Rašínovo nabřeží. The construction will cost the city approximately 50-70 million CZK. The pool will be completed by next summer, according to the Mayor.

The Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) will be in charge of the project and is currently searching for other suitable locations. The project is inspired by pools in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Swimming pool in Copenhagen

There are currently two options being considered for the construction of the pools. “One possibility is building a dam in the river with drinkable water,” says IPR spokesperson Marek Vácha. It would be swimming pool with filtered water that will be on the river, similarly to a pool in Berlin.

The second possibility depends on how people would deal with the color, quality and temperature of natural river water. “We would not place a dam in Vltava, but instead, we would reserve a place for swimming and bathing using a water filtering system. People would be in fact swimming in river water,” says Vácha. This solution was inspired by Danish cities, such as Harbour Bath in the center of Copenhagen. Wooden piers created several bathing facilities on the river.

Besides building a public pool on Rašínovo nabřeží, Prague is also taking other places on the river into consideration for building more pools. Libeň, as well as nábřeží Edvarda Beneše, where the original Občanska Plovárna public pool used to stand in the 19th century, are on top of the list.

Občanská plovárna. Source: ČT24

Source: ČT24