Restaurants named after the Czech Republic can be found all over the world. Now, one such restaurant has appeared in the far south of Kchun-ming City. This comes as a surprise in China, a country where Czech products are practically non existent.

The Prague Café, is located right in the center of Kunming, on the very lively Wen-Li Jie Street, among other West-inspired pubs and bars. On the walls hang pictures of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. When guests go up the stairs to the first floor of the restaurant, Franz Kafka’s photo passes them on the wall.

The interior is furnished in a Western style: comfortable seats with plenty of pillows, wooden tables, books. The kitchen is international, including hamburgers and fries, pizza. Strangely, there is not one Czech dish in the menu, but at least Czech Budvar’s beer is available in the offer!

Why Prague Cafe? Thanks to a friendly Czech.


The owner of the restaurant is a Chinese woman named Jenny, who puts the story behind the establishment on the first page of the menu. She writes that she met a Czech woman, who was the first foreigner she had ever met in her life, more than 20 years ago on a bus in Beijing. Together they traveled to China and when Jenny set up the restaurant, she named it in honour of this strong friendly tie to the capital of the Czech Republic.

Jenny says we may see more Prague Cafe’s crop up over China as coffee consumption and cafe culture grows.