Prague is currently investing 33 million CZK on outdoor fitness centers in city parks. The project is called “Fitparky” and will supply 55 city districts with outdoor exercise equipment.

The Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (CSSD) said, “The centers should be set up this autumn, and available the spring of next year so that it will be possible for the public to be served at the latest in the next summer season.”

The outdoor fitness image will be standard throughout the city, with set approximate sizes of 200 square meters, and a cross-country course that offers users a full-body exercise for both professionals and amateurs. “In foreign capitals, fit parks are quite common. It offers the ideal solution to combine a healthy lifestyle with the hectic pace of the city” said Ondřej Prokop (ANO).

Prague has already won the title of the European Capital of Sport in 2016 and commits 6.3 million crowns to facilitate and train athletes from the Czech Olympic Committee. Prague 7 City Hall is set to build its fit park in the new U Vodice Park, “in addition to the classical equipment, we also are considering one or two exercise machines for the handicapped,” said Prague 7’s councilor for sports František Vosecký (PRO 7).

Prague is also planning on building other sports grounds in the coming years. The city is purchasing land for up to five multi functional sports halls for volleyball, basketball, handball, or floorball which should be available to the public within three years.