Countless mini markets all over Prague’s city center make buying a bottle of wine or hard liquor easier than ever. Councilor Jan Wolf suggested the idea of banning alcohol sales at night in a meeting, hoping the council would further discuss the idea and hopefully issue a notice banning sales of alcoholic beverages in the problematic areas of the city. Alcohol would only be sold in bars and restaurants.

“If there is a problem in Prague, it is noise and alcohol. The biggest issue is the cheap price and availability of alcohol,” explains the councilor. His proposal has not reached a final form yet. Wolf and his colleagues plan on furthering the idea after the elections in October. The ban could be in effect starting the next tourist season.

Prague’s central districts are the most supportive of banning alcohol consumption in public due to frequent noise complaints. Last year, Prague 1 approved the ban on alcohol sales between 10 pm and 6 am.

Deputy Mayor Daniel Hodek welcomes Wolf’s suggestion. “Night life takes a great toll on the city center. The situation is becoming extreme in certain locations, especially due to the smoking ban. There are parts of the city that are becoming unlivable,” says Hodek.

Councilor Michálek is for the regulation as well. According to Michálek, the regulations should be properly reasoned and should only be in certain parts of the city. “Parks, where people go for picnics should not be included. People should be able to at least enjoy a beer or some wine,” he adds.