Successful team of doctors, female with the clipboard

An overflow of Prague Doctors from the Czech Republic to Germany has increased in the last years.

Looking for better conditions, doctor’s diaspora to Germany has reached a record peak of the last years: if until some years ago Czech doctors were 762, according to the Czech Doctors’ Chamber, their number reached the 1000 units at the end of last year, 100 doctors per year.

The proximity of Germany made this country really appalling for Czech doctors, may it be for higher salaries or the general atmosphere or a better system of education.

But Czechs are not the most numerous group present in the German health system, they are definitely outnumbered by Romanian and Syrian  doctors.

According to the HealthCare Institute, which ahs made a poll among young doctors-to-be, about the 28% of them plans to work abroad, not only in Germany but also in other countries.