Prague councilors have approved a new multipurpose card for tourists. The card will act as a ticket to museums, a public transport ticket and city souvenir.

The estimated cost for the project is two million crowns, an investment the council are positive will pay itself back when the card begins circulation. Until now, the Prague Card and Prague City Pass have been operated by private companies, but the new card was approved by the Prague councilor and will be funded by the council.

Analysis showed that transport cards which are issued today are impractical for visitors. Last year, about 51,000 were sold. “Maybe Amsterdam sold 175,000, but it’s about 600,000 less tourist traffic than Prague, and I’m sure our new card will have the potential to sell 250,000 units, which will increase,” said Wolf.

A record number of guests arrived in the Czech Republic last year. We are a safe and inexpensive country for them. “I am convinced that such a card has the potential, both financial and data, because we can get a lot of useful information from the field of tourism,” said councilor Jan Wolf (KDU-ČSL).

The new card will be commissioned by the capital city, including copyright and licensing rights. A working group is now expected to be set up, with representatives of both the Municipality and the ICT Operator and the PIS-PCT.