The strongest economical region of the European Union is Inner London-West. This is the result of the newly published Eurostat statistics for 2015, that compares 276 NUTS2 (Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics) named by the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

Inner London-West leads the table with a huge advantage over others. Luxembourg is second with 264 percent and third Hamburg with 206 percent. Prague shares the sixth place along with the German Upper Bavaria. Twenty regions have a GDP per capita of at least a half higher than the EU average. Five of them are in Germany, four in the UK, two in the Netherlands and Austria.

The leading regions in the ranking after Inner London-West were the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (264 percent), Hamburg, Germany (206 percent), Brussels, Belgium (205 percent), Bratislava, Slovakia (188 percent), and Prague, Czech Republic (178 percent).

With the exception of Prague (178 percent of the EU average), other Czech regions did not reach EU average. Central Bohemia and Southeast reached 81 percent. Southwest region and Plzeň have 77 percent and a mean Morava (Olomouc and Zlin) has 73 percent.

The poorest regions in the Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary and Ústí, which reached only 65 percent of the EU average. The weakest economy in the European Union is the region Severozapaden in Bulgaria – reaching only 29 percent of the EU average.

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