Head to Slovakia if you want cheap beer.

According to the Beer Price Index 2016, which collected prices on beers from supermarkets and bars in 70 cities around the world, Bratislava ranks as the cheapest place to buy a cold one.

The BPI is the end result of extensive data collection from the travel site GoEuro, which puts together price indexes on common goods tourists like to buy.


Prague came in 23rd place on the index with the average price for a 33cl beer (supermarket) given as 1.06 USD (27 CZK); average price for 33cl beer (bar) was given as 4.87 USD (122 CZK).

In terms of average annual consumption per capita, Praguers topped the list at 68 liters, with the average annual spend per capita listed at 32,000 CZK, putting it at number three on the list of European cities that spend the most on beer.

The most expensive? Lausanne, Switzerland. While you’ll only pay $1.42 for beer at a store (pretty decent!), it’s a whopping $17.60 per unit to imbibe at the local watering hole.

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