Out of the Closets and into the Streets is the LGBT slogan that was used by Queer Nation. It is also the perfect slogan to use talking about the opportunity Prague gives LGBT community each year – the Prague Gay Pride.

This event gives people a great chance to show who they really are, not being afraid of that. It is one step forward to understanding and accepting other types of love that deserve to be treated equally. There should be no difference when it comes to love, right?

Twelve giant billboards on the main highways of the country, posters at the train stations and bus stops: all say «I love» (Miluju). This is part of the sixth campaign of the Prague Pride, which will be held from 8 till 14 August. Every year Prague LGBT Pride has the specific motto. This time, it is


“Love is the most important, basic thing of life of all people. We want to love, we want to be loved, we want to give our love. But, unfortunately, not all kinds of love are treated equally in the Czech Republic”, – said Bogdana Rambouskova, a spokesman of the Prague Pride. “We are pleased that each year more and more heterosexuals are involved, fighting for equality and freedom of all people, for love. After all, our pride is peaceful, unlike many other demonstrations. Our pride is a celebration of life, “- comments Bogdana Rambouskova.

The demonstration itself will be held on Saturday, 13 August. People will start at Wenceslas Square in Prague, then going through the center of the city, and will finish in Letna park. Traditionally, the Pride will be attended by the Mayor of Prague and many other politics of the country.