For many months, you do not look up the sky in Prague. Obviously: there is nothing worth looking up at. An anaemic sun, raindrops, grey days. You spend your weekends in basement clubs and smoky places.

Then in May, the sun beams and you start to look for some alternatives to Náplavka. This year the answer is Prague Rooftop Festival.

Prague Rooftop Festival aims to revive Prague’s entertainment scene, explore the possibilities of local roofs (which are generally closed to the public) and introduce Prague to a trend that has been popular in other foreign capitals for some time now.

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The first edition starts on Saturday, May 21 at three locations simultaneously: Dancing House, Černá labuť and Fashion Club. The program will be divided into afternoon and evening part (2 p.m. to 10 p.m.) with afterparty till 4 a.m. and includes not only live DJ sets but also light show and salsa and kizomba lessons.

“Just as people enjoy the view from the mountain tops, roofs offer a city alternative. There are not so many accessible roofs or terraces, where cultural or entertainment events are common, but we expect that the situation will change during this summer”, say the organizers.

Rooftop has the ambition to become a regular event in Prague: organizers plan to host parties on Saturdays once a month, from May to September.

In case of bad weather 7-5 days before the event, the festival will be postponed.

Tickets are divided into three categories – Single, Silver and Gold. For more information, check the official website

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