After the “Yes” of the Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic on Tuesday, Bratislava and Prague are moving forward together in the test-track project for autonomous driving and he wants everyone to cooperate in the preparatory phase of the cross-border highway D2 track.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Digitization, Peter Pellegrini, met with the Czech Minister (Dan Ťok) in Prague.

Pellegrini said, “the auto industry is facing enormous challenges that will lead to big changes of a completely new vehicle concept and mobility in the coming years, where technology will be an increasing part in the price of a vehicle.” The Czech Minister stressed that Slovakia and the Czech Republic already together produced more vehicles than France. Prague has accepted the challenge of the test-track for autonomous vehicles to ensure that the two countries will have innovative leadership in the automotive industry.

Prague already planned closed-path tests for these vehicles, and will create a new one in the city traffic arteries.

Ťok has admitted that Pellegrini’s initiative to create a cross-border track is currently unique in Europe. The initial work on the preparation of the project is expected in the next few weeks.

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