Residents of the Žižkov district in Prague are anticipating an exciting change – the reconstruction of the streets of Seifertova and Táboritská. The makeover which will take place over the coming years will replace the tramways, plant new trees, install new benches, new paving slabs, create new pedestrian crossings, and make the street barrier-free.

The Institute for Planning and Development of Prague (IPR) together with the architectural office “edit!”, Who won the corresponding competition, presented a visualization of the future appearance of the streets.

The most significant changes will occur in three places: the intersection of the streets of Seifertova and Chlumova, the historical staircase between the streets of Rokycanova and Chelčického, the territory near the shopping center Bezovka.

Other parts of the reconstruction include installing lots of small LED lights in the staircase, which passers-by will be able to control and help create glowing scenes. At the top of the stairs, a circular bench will be installed.

Currently, the studio “edit!” Is working on a detailed list of all planned changes. It is expected that the plan will be ready by the end of summer 2017.

The transport company of Prague plans to replace the tramways no later than 2022. However, if the project documentation is ready earlier, the reconstruction of the streets will begin in 2020. Prague 3 will hold a series of public meetings to discuss the project.

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