A sushi restaurant in Prague could be facing a fine of up to 50 million crowns (€1.85 million) after it has been charged with illegally serving fish caught on the banks of a local river.


Inspectors stumbled upon the discovery after several locals were spotted fishing in the Vltava River. One of the fishermen was dressed entirely in a chef’s uniform, with a logo from the local Haru Sushi Bar.

Sanitary norms do not allow this practice. The Veterinary Authority was alerted to the practice by locals and its inspectors found evidence to confirm the suspicion.

“Inspectors found the restaurant’s freezer to contain bags of fish – probably carp – and fish guts that weighed a total of about 1.2kg,” said Pavel Kopriva, a spokesman for CAFIA (The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority)

“The food was not labeled. The operator also could not provide any accompanying documentation. For this reason, it was the food of unknown origin and on-site inspectors imposed a ban on the foods being sold,” he added.

Haru Sushi Bar claims the fish was not intended for customers and was there to feed the staff.

“Carp is not offered on our menu, nor can you buy it from us,” said the restaurant’s manager Patrick Tran. The matter is being investigated.


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