On Saturday night, police received a call from reception staff at a hotel close to Jiráskovo Náměstí, saying a taximan driving back their hotel guests demanded 1920 CZK for the ride. The price did not seem right to the tourists, as the taximeter was not turned on and the journey was around two kilometers long. The couple did not have enough cash with them, so the taxi driver asked the male passenger to go into the hotel to get more cash, while he locked the women inside the car waiting.

The hotel’s reception staff made the taxi driver to agree to a final price of 800 CZK and to free the woman from the car. The reception staff still insists that the ride was overpriced.

“They initially paid the taxi driver 300 CZK. He, however, ripped the bills and threw them on the ground and started threatening the reception staff to not get involved in this situation, otherwise they will die a slow and painful death,” stated Seifertová, spokesperson for Prague Municipal Police.

The taxi driver left after receiving the money. Thanks to the witnesses, the driver was later held in Rytířská. Police are now handling the case.

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