In the wake of the terrorist attack in Manchester, UK on Monday, Prague police will tighten event security.

Public events will have stricter security checks and inspections, including more thorough checks for explosives. Some events will be monitored by law enforcement officers with submachine guns in order to help prevent a potential attack.

The Manchester attack claimed at least 22 lives, and injured an additional 59 people during an Ariana Grande concert.

The Prague police have stated that there are no signs that there will be an attack in the city, however, they are still tightening security. The police will also deploy additional personnel on the streets and increase the amount carrying long weapons.

The security of event goers is the responsibility of the organizers, said Police spokesman Jan Danek. Police are communicating with event organizers in order to help ensure visitors’ safety, he continued.

While there is no specific identified threat of an attack in Prague, the nature of these attacks remains uncertain. Several additional suspects have been arrested since the attack, according to an article published by the Washington Post.