Recently, the mayor of Prague 1, Oldřich Lomecký, called for an amendment to the law in the Czech Republic regarding Segways and scooters. 

The recent request by the city in Prague 1 will request a change of legislation from the Ministry of Transport. The city is asking for the prohibition of electric scooters in the center, however, they cannot be banned without the same ban having been applied to bikes as well. The city has already prohibited Segway carts in compliance with the Road Act, but now they are considering an added amendment which would also prohibit bikes on some pedestrian zones. 

The backlash from this pending amendment has come from many citizens living in Prague 1, as well as business owners who own bike tourist shops geared for tourists desiring to see the city via bicycle. 

The existing cycling paths in Prague are marked with motor scooter images in white, which do not always entail that the transportation will guide you safely from point A to point B. Lomecký also added that another amendment would need to be added to the wheel. 

In June, approximately a hundred cyclists protested the amendment at a parade in the center of Prague. According to the organizers from Auto*Mat, who refer to themselves as “the watchdogs of Prague politicians” on their website, making sure politicians do not interfere with the public interest by lobbying, called the impending restrictions not “sophisticated”. 

Currently, the standards for a scooter are that the power output is at 250 watts and 25 kilometers per hour, if the wheels fit according to the set standards then the law sees it as a bike. If not, it’s considered a scooter which is subject to more restrictions. 

The mayor responded by declaring that the city does not want to put too many restrictions on public mobility, however, “at a time when there is no other option, some action needs to be taken.” 

Still, the Ministry of Transportation department in Prague is working on a study of possible future restrictions that could be implemented by the end of 2017. Such tests will be held in pedestrian zones between 10:00 – 18:00 in areas such as Václavské náměstí, Staroměstské náměstí, náměstí Republiky, Malé náměstí, Karlova, Michalská, Železná and Celetná, Na Příkopě, Jilská, Maiselova and Melantrichova, Na Můstku and 28. října.