Prague councilors have approved the plans for intensive Czech language courses for primary school pupils with a different mother tongue. Free lessons will take place during the school year.

“In particular, this concerns pupils who have to go to school completely without a knowledge of the Czech language. The course is meant to help children learn our language as soon as possible. Until now, because they may not be able to speak the language, these pupils often failed in school,” explains Irena Ropková, City Councilor for Education and European Funds. It would mean these children get personalized, intensive, four-hour lessons for three months that will be given during the school day.

The estimated financial cost of the project is 1.1 million crowns per year for two year-round classes for Czech language teaching.

Last year, at primary, elementary, secondary and tertiary schools in Prague, 15,798 children with a different mother tongue were enrolled.

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