Prague City took its first step toward the future construction of the pavilion for the breeding of giant pandas, which are a symbol of nature protection. To prepare for project, councilors have allocated three million crowns, councilor said Irena Ropková (ČSSD).

Costs, according to the earlier esteems, will be around 200 million crowns.

Zoo management officials and politicians have been discussing the breeding of rare animals for several months. The topic of discussion was most recently during a visit to Beijing Representation in Prague.

Now China, which is home to the giant panda, could send some specimens of the breed in the Czech Republic. “I firmly believe that we can start a breeding pandas in Prague” said Councilman.

In Europe, only five zoos have breeding plans for the protection of the specie.


Over 1,800 giant pandas are living in the wild and their number is rising. Another 300 live in captivity, mostly in China. Pandas are still among the most endangered species.

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