Prague plans on building tram lines to outskirts of Prague and the Central Bohemia Region, specifically Zdiby, Průhonice and Jesenice. Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek announced the plan of developing the tramway network to the press on Wednesday. The trams will help build a better connection between Prague and the surrounding region.

The upcoming project is extending the tramway from Prague 8 to Zdiby. According to Dolínek, trams will be a better solution than buses, as they do not burden the environment as much.

Prague Public Transit company would like to start working on two tram lines heading South from Prague in the upcoming years. One will go to Průhonice through Čestlice; the other one will lead to Jesenice, where the city is planning on building D-line Metro as well.

Tram tracks leading from Prague are a part of Prague Public Transit company’s development plan for the region, which they hope to achieve before 2030. The plan includes building nearly thirty tracks.

The total length of Prague’s tramway network is 142.4 km. 52% are solely tram tracks, while the rest are built into roads shared with cars. Trams transport more than 360 million passengers annually.

Photo: Archiv DPP