Thanks to renovations of Stromovka, several connected ponds with resting areas around were built in the middle of the park. The water formations were originally designated for aquatic plants and animals. Some people, however, took a liking to the water and started swimming there, especially in the heat.

Opinions on whether the ponds are suitable for swimming or not are dividing visitors of Stromovka park into two sides. Some are fond of the idea and consider it to be an appropriate use for the area. “I find it beautiful that people behave so naturally in water when the weather is hot. I would not mind if there was clean water every year and people would continue swimming there, but that probably would not work,” commented a Facebook user.

Others are concerned about the uncertain quality of the water. “Those people simply are not normal. They would go with a towel and a blanket into a pond for ducks!” says Lucie Švandová, another Facebook user. “I would not even dip my toes in there with the fear that my nails would fall out,” adds Martin Malachov.

The officials stated that they have not considered using the ponds as a natural pools. “The depth of water does not suit such activities. It does not even reach one meter. Therefore, we are not talking about classical swimming here. It could simply be refreshing,” explains Vladimír Řepka of the municipality’s communications department. Swimming is not banned, so visitors will not be at risk of a penalty. Is it, however, important to make sure that your four-legged animals are not going into the water. “People are allowed to go into the water, but dogs are banned,” adds Řepka.

Given that the ponds are not primarily intended for swimming, the water quality has not been tested. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and consider whether a refreshment would be safe and bear in mind that potential health problems could affect small children the most.

Visitors would have to wait till next year for proper swimming in Stromovka.The park’s expansion plan includes a public swimming pool, which will be located in the unused fields on the exhibition grounds.